Cooking with Lavender

Once upon a time I would never have thought you could cook with lavender. Then over the last few years I came across lavender as a seasoning:

  1. Lavender bread sold in Picnic Fayre delicatessen in Cley Next The Sea, Norfolk.
  2. Mixed in with rosemary and sea salt in a salt grinder.
  3. In a marinade for chicken used by Nigella Lawson in her San Tropez Chicken (you can read this recipe online at

I always enjoyed my encounters with lavender as a food ingredients, but had, of late, rather forgotten about it. Then on holiday Holkham Hall were serving lavender ice cream as their speciality of the day so I had to have some (see my last blog about Holkham ice cream). It was delicious ice cream with a really unique flavour and beautiful pale purple colour. Sadly, as usual, I had to share my ice cream with Baby G and the photograph shows us fighting over who get to eat the most!

Now I’m on the hunt for more recipes using lavender. I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. matt says:

    what a great colour!

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