Cookie’s Crab Shop

Rewind a week and we were celebrating my birthday. As well as the gorgeous cake I talked about yesterday we ate a smoked fish dinner from Cookies Crab Shop in Salthouse, North Norfolk – a favourite of Stephen Fry’s, read what he says about it here.

This is the healthiest fast food I’ve ever eaten. For the past four years we’ve been visiting this little shop come bistro and ordering a takeaway plate of food. As the picture shows you can order a selection of their own smoked fish with a yummy salad. Order, wait in the shop for roughly three minutes and then drive away with an omega 3 packed meal; you can also eat in the shop or the garden next door as the photo below shows. Bring your own alcohol if you like to have a drink.

We drove away with the (paper) plate of food on top of our car. I thought hubby had put it in the car, he though I had and 200 yards down the road it landed in the middle of the road. We had to stop and run back to get it. By a miracle and the amount of clingfilm wrapped around it nothing escaped the plate and just the beetroot juice was leaking out! So not only is a Cookie’s Crab Shop dinner delicious, quick and healthy it also seems to be indestructible!

Anybody visiting the area should make a trip to Cookies, with beautiful scenery all around and a view of the sea beyond it is a destination in itself.

This photograph shows Daddy and G with our takeaway smoked fish dinner before it landed in the road!

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