Coffee & Walnut Cake

This is my latest cake. It was a commission by my Aunt-in-law who, I am delighted to say, is the latest of my family and friends to make use of my love of baking. This cake was made for leaving party of the co-manager at my son’s pre-school, where my Aunt works.

I had never made a coffee and walnut cake before, but I would definitely do so again, because while I did not get to eat it myself, I did get to try the icing! Yummy!

When trying a cake for the first time I like to stick to my favourites Delia Smith or Mary Berry. This cake came from Delia’s website, but I subsituted my own icing using a classic buttercream recipe with some camp coffee.

If you would like to try it Delia’s recipe is here –  I love her addition of a coffee syrup drizzled over both of the layers before icing.

For the icing I added 3tsps of instant coffee granules to 2tsp of boiling water and then added it into my basic butter icing recipe. It is important to taste the butter icing, then if you like a stronger coffee flavour you can make up more of the coffee mixture to mix into the icing.

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