Buying Local Produce

On holiday in the village shop Baby G wanted me to buy strawberries. He put his hands all over them so I had to buy him strawberries, but he made a good choice! Normally, I like strawberries, but I don’t love them. Now, Baby G has made me change my mind. I’ve clearly eaten too many mass produced supermarket strawberries, they pale in comparison to the fresh juicy bright gems grown in the next village. No wonder we ate them greedily like sweets straight out of the packet. Yes! My baby asking to eat fruit before cake or chocolate! Woo hoo!

For years I’ve heard chefs say eat seasonal and local produce, my strawberry experience echoes their sentiment. I’m no longer buying supermarket strawberries. Instead I’m planning a trip to our local pick your own to indulge and buy loads of premium fruit at an affordable price. Pictures and recipes to follow.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the quality of locally grown produce? Please share your experiences by leaving a comment.

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