Budget Meal Plan

After my holidays I had to plan a week of very cheap meals. My budget had been blown on holiday and I had to make some savings!

Here is my budget meal plan:

  1. Stir fry noodles with veg, peanuts and egg
  2. Tomato chorizo pasta
  3. Jacket potatoes and cheese with lots of salad
  4. Fish Fingers, veg and potato wedges
  5. Bacon risotto
  6. Homemade pizza
  7. Frittata

I spent about £30 to get us through the week and made cheese or ham sandwiches for lunches , scrambled eggs and soup. Of course, I have a well stocked store cupboard, which I fill up whenever I see something I use on special offer.

My Top Tip – make sure budget recipes are still very tasty by adding plenty of dried or fresh herbs (growing fresh herbs in pots is the cheapest way to use them in cooking).

Do you have any great budget recipes?

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