Brioche Sandwich Making

This week I had to make a lot of sandwiches for a funeral; sadly my husband’s Granny passed away. I was pleased to be given this job and got up at 6am on the day to make sure everything was fresh. Whenever I make sandwiches for a function I try to vary things and use crusty rolls, croissants or bagels rather than just a loaf of bread.

As one of my choices this time I used some brioche and filled them with ham and cheese. It was really easy to do and I heard a lot of people commenting on how they like brioche as they helped themselves to the buffet. I though I’d share this idea, as not only is it an easy, tasty addition to any buffet, but using brioche for sandwiches can make a tasty midday snack or a packed lunch a bit more interesting.

The recipe is too basic to write fully. I used good quality ham, thinly sliced, and mature grated cheddar, plus mayonnaise instead of butter as I find it keeps the sandwich moist. Although I love to shop locally, and support local shops, I haven’t seen brioche in my local bakery, so I have to admit I bought these from Tesco; 8 rolls for around £1.80.

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