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I seem to be interminably busy, there never seems a minute to spare to get back on with blogging. This month I’ve had another Supper Club. We had a great time but I put a lot of work into every event. Each Supper Club takes up all my free time, and since I love to cook I guess I would count my Supper Club as my biggest hobby. Below you can see what I cooked this time, the whole Supper Club was taken by a group at my Church and they helped design the menu.

The next culprit to absorb my time is our laundry basket, it is always full. I put load after load on, but it never ends. It is a toddler’s job to keep his Mother in a constant stream of washing, either his clothes are covered in food, mud, paint, glue etc or it is my own clothes he chooses to wipes his hands or maybe even rub his grubby face on! I’m lucky I’ve only got one little boy to look after! Well, I guess you could say one little boy and one big boy too!

http://colormehouse.comFollowing this on my busy list, is the amount of time we devote to play, I am either playing with toys, finding toys, organising toys or tidying up toys, even tripping over toys. Basically toys take up a lot of my time, and as much of my time is spent tidying up toys as it is spent playing with them.

So this week I really want to put aside some time and get on with my blog. Valentine’s recipes are my focus for the next few weeks and I’m going to find some good recipes. In the meantime check out the Valentine’s cookies George and I made last year.

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