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Ainsley Harriott's Seared Chicken Salad

Ainsley Harriott's Seared Chicken Salad

I was lucky enough to be invited to write a guest blog for My Kitchen Table. They have a series of books by famous chefs that each feature 100 recipes. I was sent Ainsley Harriott’s 100 Meals in Minutes. For those of you that didn’t see my guest blog I’ve published it below:

Most Saturday evenings my husband and I try to enjoy a grown up meal together, without our 2 year old boy. With the weather turning warmer we both agreed to cook Ainsley’s American-style Seared Chicken Salad. It was good to share the cooking and spend time in the kitchen with each other.

I had ear marked this recipe as soon as I flicked through the recipe book and I was pleased when my husband also wanted to try the recipe; it turned out to be a real winner.

First, my husband prepared the marinade for the chicken, before placing the chicken in the griddle pan. Meanwhile he mixed the crème fraiche, mayonnaise, garlic, mustard, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce and the anchovies to make the fantastic dressing.

I was left with the job of preparing the salad. So, I decided to add my own style to the recipe. Ainsley wanted a simple salad with crisp cos leaves, roughly torn. I decided to add more vegetables to the dish, to up our five-a-day count, so I included radishes, sweetcorn and chopped apple.

Once the chicken was cooked we assembled the salad, adding Parmesan and the dressing. Then we sat down to enjoy, eating every last morsel of this meal. In fact, we ended up getting some extra salad leaves to wipe up any dressing left on our plates.

I have to admit I was surprised at how much my husband enjoyed this meal. I thought he would choose to try one of Ainsley’s steak recipes, but no he finished every single last bit of salad. This is definitely a salad that will fill the appetite of both women and men! Delicious!

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