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Welcome to my blog. My name is Victoria, I live with my husband and baby son in South East, England. I love cooking but have less time and money now I’m a stay at home mum and yet cooking a good meal everyday is more important than ever.

Here are some facts about me:

  • I’ve been passionate about food and cooking forever.
  • I’m a qualified teacher with a specialism in literacy, hence my interest in cookery writing.
  • I cook everyday.
  • I love cooking from scratch.
  • I have a degree in sociology.
  • I love feeding my family healthy delicious food.

Now all about my blog:

I write my blog for everyone, families, singles, couples, students and in particular single men. Everything here is my own work, the best I can do when my baby’s asleep and I have time in the evenings. As for this website I’m learning as I go without any previous website production knowledge – wish me luck!

Here, in my blog, I write about four things:

  1. My weekly meal plans.
  2. Money saving tips for food shopping.
  3. Food thoughts – how to eat more healthily, which prepared foods can be useful, what recipe books are good etc.
  4. My life – occasionally a few snippets of what my family and I are up to.

What are my weekly meal plans?

  • Free 7 day meal plans with lots of recipes and ideas to accompany the plans.
  • A balanced menu, where the whole week is considered to ensure it includes a good variety of foods.
  • Meals that are linked to make best use of leftovers
  • Slow cooked meals for days when you need to prepare your dinner earlier in the day to leave time free in the evening
  • Quick meals for days you only have a few minutes to cook.
  • Recipes for meals that are nutritious and budget conscious.

Why do I use meal plans?

I have four weekly meal plans which regularly I use.  My pre-written plans save me a lot of time, but it hasn’t always been this way. I used to spend too much money on a disorganised weekly shop. A half hearted, incomplete menu list sketched on the back of an envelope before rushing out the door was all I managed. Without properly planning ahead I had to visit the shops most days, despite doing a large weekly shop, it was both costly and time consuming. When my baby boy arrived I tried to get organised. Every week I spent a lot of time planning my weekly menu, thinking through what leftovers I had, considering what recipes I knew that were quick and writing my shopping list.

That’s when I decided to plan and record a monthly meal plan, my weekly shopping list and recipe planning would be over. All the hardwork would already be done. I could just refer to my monthly plan, everything there, everything ready. How organised! Just what I needed as a new Mum: my own recipe Bible and that’s how I came to create this blog.

This is a place where I can record and share my weekly menu plans and, to accompany them, my easy, nutritious recipes, everything done, everything ready. No more planning or time spent racking my brain, I could use my own time to relax instead of plan ahead.

What is different about my recipes?

My recipes are quick, easy and designed to let me cook even on a busy, busy day and of course on a tight budget. It is my goal to serve fresh, healthy, tasty meals and not to be tempted to make over complicated time consuming dishes. Celebrity Chefs and TV cookery shows are fun to watch, but they rarely consider the money and time the average person has to spend cooking.

I make a note to every professional or dedicated cook, my recipes deliberately abandon traditional methods. I cut out lengthy processes and fiddly techniques. I am a passionate cook and have over time adapted recipes to allow me to cook them fast and without fuss. These are realistic recipes for healthy tasty food everyday cooking on a budget. My friends told me how they cooked a curry from scratch, following a recipe book and after spending eight hours cooking while they did enjoy the meal they chose not to do it again! In my blog I want to share recipes people are actually going to do everyday, time and time again.

My recipes are written using short numbered instructions. Why do so many modern recipe books choose lengthy prose instead of using numbered lists? Is it not fashionable anymore? When I worked as a primary school teacher even my school kids could talk in detail about why a recipe written with numbers or bullet points, that was short and snappy was better than one written as narrative text. So, my recipes are designed to be short.

Information to support each recipe has been written at the end so that it does not detract from the instructions and allows you to start straight away if you do not have the time to read through anything extra. Extra information includes how to add more vegetables to increase your chance of eating five portions a day and ways to change the recipe to make it easier or indeed cheaper.

Instructions are written to allow recipes to be adapted to suit you. I recommend reading any recipe you may try for the first time all the way through so you can adapt it as you wish before beginning.

All recipes are my own, tried and tested by friends and family. I hope you will try them, find them helpful and have fun adapting them to suit you. Please leave any comments that you think may help to improve them.  If you feel any recipe does not work for you do try again another time as oven temperatures and cooking techniques may vary. This is my personal blog and to start there are only a few recipes as I don’t feel the need to provide recipes for every meal plan. Most of us can cook a roast chicken, so to start I’ve posted just my unique recipes. Over time this will grow and please keep visiting for new recipes and to share your ideas!

All about me:

I live in Leigh-on-Sea, England (an hour from London where the River Thames becomes the seaside). I have a degree in Sociology and a postgraduate in Education. I’ve worked as a TV extra, a teaching assistant, a junior school teacher, a personal assistant and I briefly ran my own local catering company. Now I’m at home enjoying being a mummy. I have always loved cooking, reading cookery books, as a toddler I would always choose stories that involved food and I cooked my first Sunday dinner by myself aged 11 when my Mum was away for the weekend. Basically cooking is my natural talent, I can’t sing or play music but I can cook and now I enjoy writing about it on my blog!


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