A Summer Roast Dinner

A roast dinner is a great money saver on the meal plan. It provides several meals for the rest of the week. Roast chicken can make yummy sandwiches, a risotto, chicken curry, lots of homemade chicken stock and many other possibilities.

 Now it’s summer I’ve been considering how I can still make a roast dinner on a hot summer day when roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy seems too filling, just too heavy. My friend answered my question when she served me roast chicken with a green salad and new potatoes; it was delicious. Many variations on this theme are possible and so much easier to put together than a full ‘hot’ roast dinner.

 Here are some Summer Roast ideas, serve all with a green salad:

 Roast Lamb, cous cous, tomato salad

  • Roast Gammon, new potatoes, beetroot salad
  • Road Beef, potato salad, watercress salad
  • Roast Pork with a Waldorf salad

 Look out for more salad ideas coming soon on the blog.

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