A Passion for Baking by Jo Wheatley

Look what landed on my doormat! How lucky am I?!! I really enjoyed watching The Great British Bake Off and was always a supporter of Jo Wheatley, the winner, because just like me she is a normal Mum from Essex with a passion for baking. I eagerly awaited her book and I had high expectations that this would be a cook book that would be filled with recipes I could really use. So often recipe books are not written for the average person and have a long list of ingredients I do not have in my store cupboard, or the recipes are long and involved. I felt that Jo would give a more rounded, realistic recipe book – I was not disappointed; it was more than I expected it to be.

‘A Passion for Baking’ is thick with recipes and the food photography makes this book a real pleasure. I take a particular interest in how the food is presented as I now have to style and photograph my own recipes for my blog. The quality of this book gives me plenty of inspiration and ideas to work from. I tried Jo’s Blackcurrant and Cream Cheese Pancakes for breakfast, replacing the blackcurrants with blueberries and greedily eating them all! They were quick and easy to make, very tasty and with the use of cream cheese protein was added to my breakfast as well as fruit.

There are so many recipes I am looking forward to trying, from the Blackberry and Apple Loaf Cake to  the Baby Pecan Pies and I even want to get stuck in and give macaroons a try for the first time. This book is a great addition to my recipe collection and soon every page will be stained with cake batter as I work my way through all the recipes.

Finally, I’d like to say a big thank you to Jo for showing Britain that us stay-at-home mums do have talent. There seems to be so much pressure to get out to work and leave the kids in nursery. Even if money is tight some of us choose to stay at home. We are not wasting away, bored and unaccomplished, but we are enjoying honing our skills looking after our family, feeding them healthy, good quality food and some of us are learning how to make, design and run our own website/blog too – if you’d like to read Jo’s blog it is here at Jo’s Blue Aga.

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5 Responses to A Passion for Baking by Jo Wheatley

  1. Thank you Victoria, your kind words have really touched me as the book you describe is just what I wanted mine to be. xxxx

  2. What a wonderful tribute for our Jo, just lovely Victoria xxx Dor

  3. Bakes-A-Lot Sue says:

    Nicely said! :o)

  4. Wendy says:

    Well said! The hand the rocks the cradle… X

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