A Day With My Boy

Baby G and I had some fun today. After his baby signing class, his nap and a boiled egg with soldiers we walked to the bakers in search of our beloved soda bread. Our local baker specialises in a range of yeast free products, something you’ll hear me wax lyrical about another time, but today I promised G a biscuit from the bakers. I’m sure now everytime I even pass the shop he’ll demand a sweet treat, but it’s a Friday so….gingerbread man it was. I was surprised how happy G was to eat the biscuit head, which he went for first and this was also pointed out loudly by a junior school child we passed on the way home.

Here’s G and I enjoying our afternoon at home, biscuits, milk and of course like most little boys “Thomas the Tank”.

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2 Responses to A Day With My Boy

  1. Jen says:

    I love the pictures- G’s serious face while eating the gingerbread man- very important business! You look lovely too BTW.

  2. Angela says:

    Looks serious, but may not be concentrating on biscuit! My guess he’s also watching Thomas the Tank Engine and is quite spell-bound!

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