10 Reasons to Meal Plan

I’ve had two weeks on holiday and two weeks of spontaneous dinners. Somehow meals on our family holiday seem to work best when we decide daily what we are going to eat. However, yesterday back at home my fridge was bare and today I did a much needed meal plan followed by a trip to Lidl (thanks to my Mum for her help pushing the trolley and packing the bags!). So I thought it would be worthwhile reminding us all of my 10 reasons to meal plan…..

  1. Using a structured meal plan saves time thinking and considering recipes each day; reusing meal plans or rotating a monthly plan of recipes saves even greater time.
  2. Planning all meals in one go allows for food shopping to be cut to once a week, saving time spent popping to the shops everyday, and less money being spent with daily shopping trips often adding up to more than one large weekly shop.
  3. It is possible to plan for leftovers, when you have a roast dinner you can plan to use any leftovers in a stir fry or pasta so there is less food wasted which is good economically and environmentally.
  4. Busy days can be less stressful as a quick meal or casserole prepared ahead will make things easier.
  5. No more worries about a healthy diet as planning a whole week of meals lets you make sure your diet is balanced.
  6. Last minute dashes to the takeaway, which can be expensive and unhealthy, will be gone as there will always be something planned for dinner.
  7. Less snacking – meal planning helps to get dinner on the table before you get too hungry and start to snack.
  8. Time spent in the supermarket is shorter as no need to wander around hoping for inspiration and trying to remember what is left in the fridge.
  9. Families can get kids involved in meal planning, even sometimes choosing meals they can help to cook.
  10. Everybody should be happy with what is cooked, as family members can all have some say in the plan and will know what to expect each evening.

One more reason:

Plan a week of meals and it is ideally suited to ordering all the ingredients online. Online shopping is very useful but does require organisation and planning.

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